pros and cons of a drop side cot

I thought I would give you the pros and cons of having a cot with a drop side

I must admit it does make it easier to put your baby in and out of the cot.

The cons definitely out weigh the pros. One thing is that you will not be able to hold your baby and drop the sides as you need both hands to drop the side rail, so you will need to remember before hand to drop the side. With your baby moving while he or she sleeps the mechanism can rattle and wake it up. Then when your child gets bigger it can learn to open the latch and then the side will drop and your child can then fall out of the cot and hurt its self really badly. A study was done and they came to the conclusion that since 2000 there was at least 32 reported cases where infant deaths have occured due to a problem with the drop down mechanism.


That is why at Gecko furniture and decor we only supply cots that the base moves to three different levels. So as your baby grows so does the cot grow with it. Most of our cots can be changed into a junior bed so the cot will then last your baby a lot longer.


I hope this helps a little bit as you search for your cot

Happy hunting


The Gecko furniture and decor team

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